My claims have been approved, but have not yet been paid

My claims have been approved, but have not yet been paid

If your claims have been approved by your manager but have not yet been paid, you can query this with your expenses / payroll team as they are the team responsible for reimbursement on any expense claims created on the system.

Alternatively you should refer to the Dashboard on your site (as below). This will indicate where in the system your claims are up to.

There are 4 stages:

Draft – Your claim is still at the draft level, From this level it can be submitted to your authorising manager. Any claims which have been denied will also be here for your attention.

Authorisation – Your claim has been submitted and it is awaiting approval from your authorising manager.

Approved – Your claim has been approved by your manager and is awaiting approval by your expenses team.

Potentially your claim may also be here if an extra level of approval is added such as the finance team.

Paid – Your claim has been processed and paid.

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