Claim Category – Mileage claim

Claim Category – Mileage claim

Postcode entry mileage

On selecting the mileage category that is relevant to your expense. Mileage will be calculated by a rate that is pre-defined in the system. This can be based on whether the car is private, company owned, petrol, diesel or LPG. You will have already selected this when you set up your vehicle.

If you only have 1 active vehicle on the system this will automatically be selected. If you have more than 1 vehicle active you will be required to select which vehicle the journey was made in.

Once you have selected your vehicle, you will need to enter the details of your journey.

There are quick link buttons for your Home and Work postcodes to speed up entry. You can then enter the post code of the place you travelled to, this field is mandatory and used to obtain the mileage calculation between each one.

Alternatively, you can use Favourite Journeys.

The Settings cog icon under the Locations, can be used to switch between Miles and Kilometres entry for claimants in different countries and also shortest and fastest calculation method.

The Plus icon highlighted below is used to show any additional mileage you want to include in the claim, and a reason (eg a traffic diversion).

Any additional mileage entered will be added to your claim in a separate claim line. It will not appear in the total journey distance.

You can add passengers to your claim at this point. Please see Adding passengers.

Click on Save to finish the claim.

Direct entry mileage

Mileage claims can also be entered by using direct mileage, this means that the number of miles can be entered to create any claim lines rather than inputting postcodes.

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