Final Claim Details

Final Claim Details

Final Claim Details

Final claim details

You have now reached the final section of the claim assistant; you can now review the details that have been entered through the assistant, if any of the details are incorrect select the relevant link to move back to that part of the claim assistant without losing the details entered in the other sections.

If a receipt is required for certain categories then the reclaimable VAT will remain 0 until a receipt attachment has been added. If a receipt is attached then the VAT will be calculated based on the category default. If a receipt is not required then the default VAT calculation will be applied. You can enter additional people, receipts and notes to the claim.

VAT will only be shown as reclaimable if the currency and country of the transaction, account and organisation are the same. Otherwise VAT will be recorded based on the VAT rate entered and will be viewable through a separate report.

When all of the information on the claim has been entered the blue save button must be clicked to save the expense line information. If this button is not clicked first, the line you have just entered will not save.

The Save as draft button must be used if you want to add more lines to this claim at a later date.

FInally click the process button to send the claim off for approval.

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