Checking the data loaded into your MyExpenses site

Checking the data loaded into your MyExpenses site

Work locations


They can be found by using the cog icon to get to the administration section of the system. Then from Getting Started go to 4. Work locations.

On the user profiles, which is Getting Started 8. Create new user accounts. Select any profile by clicking on the pencil icon and click on Addresses on the right hand side of the screen.

Claim entry

When a vehicle has been setup, select the mileage category and the Home and Work locations will be available for selection.

Coding lists


Activated coding and full lists of codes can be found at Getting Started 3. Setup Coding. This screen shows activated codes and allows for labels to be changed to something specific. The links on the right hand side of the screen show the full lists of codes available.

Any user specific codes and defaults can then be seen via the user profiles using the cost centre and coding defaults link on the right hand side. Department and division codes are seen on the main page within a user profile as this information does not show on the claim line.

Specific coding fields required on claim lines can then be seen on the category admin screen which is Getting Started 5. Category Expenses.

Claim entry

Select several different categories and check that the correct coding and text fields are displayed based on your company requirements.

Confirm any defaults shown relate to the codes available for that claimant.

User profiles


Use this for a general check on any other areas in the user profile not already covered, such as line managers, authorisation limits, proxy user assignment, personnel / supplier numbers, any additional coding, organisation (the country the claimant is based in and wishes to be paid in).

From the home screen check the accounts section, so that all claimants have an expense account and those that require have a card and/or advance account.

The templates can be used to create new claimants and will pre assign any information they contain.

Claim entry

Login / delegate as a selection of different claimants depending on the complexities of your setup, enter new claims for a selection of categories and countries. Submit these claims to line managers.

Category and account codes


From the expense categories administration screen the other checks not already discussed would be the category description, the default VAT codes for with receipt, without receipt and foreign transactions,the nominal code, any authorisation limits for time and value.

Specific categories required by user profiles can be seen on each user profile, unless specified all claimants will have all categories.

Claim entry

When entering a claim all aspects of the category setup can be seen. Use the lines setup as part of the user profile test to confirm the aspects set on the administration screen match up.

Self registration

If being used, the setup can be found at Getting Started, 1. Initial settings, then click on the Self Registration link.

When new profiles have been created they can be authorised by administrators from the Profile Request Approval section on the home screen.

Mileage configuration


Currently this is covered by several sections.

  • The mileage expense category is part of the category administration screen.
  • The mileage policy is setup at Expenses, Mileage policies and assigned to the user profiles.
  • The mileage date ranges are setup through Expenses, Mileage date ranges, we will make sure the rates are in there up to and including the current quarter.
  • Any mileage bands, which prompt price changes are setup through Expenses, Mileage ranges.
  • The mileage rates are setup through Expenses, Mileage rates. This screen is based on the category, date range and country or organisation.

Claim entry

To select the correct mileage rate, the system uses the vehicle, mileage category and mileage policy from the user profile. The pence per mile is then selected from the date range.

This can be seen by entering a mileage claim line.

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