Release Notes MyExpenses Minor

Web Application Version 217.2

Expected release 28/04/2021 6:00am Enhancements New outbound interface for Opera finance systems. Bug fixes Fixed minor coding error on outbound interface.

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Web Application Version 215.3

Expected release 16/04/2021 05:30pm Enhancements Minor updates to the headed stationery inbound interface. Bug fixes Fixed an issue where InvoiceFlow items at the manager level did not display the values on the invoice lines.

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Web Application Version 215.2

Expected release 09/04/2021 6:00am Enhancements Included a new “Auto clock out” toggle for working patterns. If the toggle is enabled then timesheet activities which are pending a clock out will automatically be clocked out, otherwise a manual clock out is

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Web Application Version 215.1

Expected release 08/04/2021 6:00am Enhancements Imporved time rouding on MyTime clock in and out to better handle night shifts. Bug fixes Fixed rounding issue when displaying batched invoice totals. Fixed various invoice import issues. Fixed problem which prevented ‘auto approved’

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Web Application Version 213.2

Expected release 25/03/2021 6:00am Enhancements Recall button now available on timesheets to allow user to bring the timesheet back for updates/corrections. Bug fixes Fixed issue that caused already approved and submitted expense claims to show in the MyTime manager authorisation

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Web Application Version 213.1

Expected release 24/03/2021 6:00am Enhancements Help link now points to the new PointProgress help wiki covering all available modules. Bug fixes Fixed issue where zero value clam lines caused validation on batch BACS payments to claim there were negative values.

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Web Application Version 209.3

Expected release 05/03/2021 5:30pm Enhancements Invoices no longer require attachments to be added, reasons can be given instead. Extended manager lists for workflow assignments to include InvoiceFlow managers and MyTime managers as well as Expense managers. Bug fixes Fixed issue

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