Release Notes MyExpenses Minor

Web Application Version 240.3

Expected release 27/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements Sunsystems export updated to take transaction date from imported credit card statement. Bug fixes Fixed bug cuasing approval section to show on app for all users instead of just managers.

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Web Application Version 240.2

Expected release 25/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements Minor updates to air travel carbon report views. Minor updates to expense details report view. Updates to split categories. Authorising managers can now edit the VAT rate on the child lines. Bug fixes Fixed minor

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Web Application Version 240.1

Expected release 24/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements Minor formatting update to Navison Journal interface. Field updates to Sage Intacct PI interface. Minor update to Sage X3 interface. New Navison Journal interface. New credit card import. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 240.0

Expected release 23/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements Improvements made to the InvoiceFlow split category and split coding. You now select coding for each invoice line rather than the parent line. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 239.1

Expected release 18/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements N/A Bug fixes Minor bug fixes on mileage import. Minor bug fixes on InvoiceFlow Templates screen. Minor updates to the Sun System payments extract.

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Web Application Version 236.2

Expected release 09/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements New credit card import interfaces for Visa VCF and Mastercard CDF3 formats in preparation for automatic card statement uploads. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 236.1

Expected release 06/08/2021 6:00am Enhancements Additional people can now be added to claim lines using split category types. Bug fixes Fixed issue preventing VAT being editable on Trip category types. Fixed validation for the claim line date being present and

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