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Updating home/work address

In order to update your work address on your user profile, you must request this change from your expenses / payroll department. The home address can be changed from your user profile screen. In order for the home address to

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Adding your vehicle with DVLA checks

Before you can start to claim mileage in MyExpenses you will need to add your vehicle. If you are logging in for the first time you will see a bar at the top of the Welcome screen, use the link

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Adding a delegate (Claimant)

You may wish to add a delegate to your profile, this is so that other people within the organisation can authorise/process claims on behalf of yourself or another person. In order to set up delegation you must first navigate to

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My authorising manager is incorrect

Authorising manager changes can only be made by a system administrator and as such if your authorising/line manager is incorrect and you need to get this updated, only your expenses / payroll department can action requests of this nature. As

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