Using Report Views

From the side menu go to Reporting –> Report Views. Each section contains system reports for key sections of the system. Select the section you need, from Claim Analysis to MyTime and click of on one of the views within

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Standard Reports

To display the list of the reports click on the Reports button located on the side menu. All reports can be exported to a number of external apps including Excel, Word, PDF as well as viewing it within the browser. Clicking

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Updating home/work address

In order to update your work address on your user profile, you must request this change from your expenses / payroll department. The home address can be changed from your user profile screen. In order for the home address to

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Undeleting Expense Claims

In order to undelete claims that have been accidentally deleted navigate to the View my expense claims page. This is accessible from the side menu going to Expenses, MyClaims. Once in the View my expense claims page, click the filter button. Click

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Recalling Expense Claims

We have added new functionality to the system so claimants now have the ability to recall expense claims. This is especially useful in situations where the claimant has entered incorrect information on the claim and needs to recall the claim

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Personal mileage set up

From the mileage rates screen there is an additional field to add in the reclaim rate for personal miles deducted from an odometer claim. Any miles calculated as personal will generate a separate negative claim line based on the rate

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The notes section allows you to provide extra information relating to this line item, this can then be viewed by your Manager.

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Save a journey as a favourite

Adding a favourite to my expense claim A favourite needs to exist before it can be used within an expense claim. A favourite can be added by the company or yourself. Personal favourites are added through the claim mileage entry

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Mileage claim – Adding Passengers

Adding passengers Click on the Add button as highlighted below to add any additional passengers. Any additional miles need to be added before entering a passenger onto the claim. The additional peoples names should be added to the Name field, this is

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Fuel and Mileage

Claimants enter mileage lines and upload fuel receipts in the usual way, then at the required time can use the Fuel and Mileage option from the side menu to record travel details for that vehicle and mileage category. This screen

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