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Report Manager

ReportManager works closely with Microsoft Excel to provide the user with a streamlined method of sending and receiving data from remote applications by Point Progress. Using the built-in functionality of Excel, combined with the advanced technology of ReportManager enables data

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Quickbooks Interface OAuth Credentials

To get the necessary credentials you will need to log into Quickbooks. Then go to Enter your consumer key and consumer secret into the two relevant fields (you can copy these from the Quickbooks consumer key/consumer secret boxes in MyExpenses

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Importing credit card statements and matching to claimants

From the Welcome screen within the account section You will see an option called Card Integration Overview The import button must be clicked in order to start the credit card statement upload process. Once this button is clicked the below screen will be presented. The

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Create a finance interface (make payments)

From the Dashboard use the Make payments link to create a file for uploading into your finance system. Click the Create a new batch button to start off. Click the pencil next to a batch name to edit an existing batch.

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