System Notifications

It is possible to add login messages to the system in order to notify claimants about certain policies or notices that employees will need to know. This message can be shown on the login screen and / or dashboard of

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Main administration area

The main administration screen for DriverCare is shown below. To access this screen you can either click on the DriverCare link on the top menu bar or scroll down to the duty of care section on your dashboard and click

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Documents & Messages

Documents & Messages are used on the system for adding in messages when a user logs in. These messages will need to be ‘Read and Understood’ by the user in order to bypass the message. From the administration menu select Other

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Applying account adjustments

In order to apply an adjustment for an account first click on Create or edit accounts Once on the next screen, use the filter provided to search for the account you need to apply an adjustment to. Click on apply adjustment

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Amending emails from the system

You can edit the email text that the system sends out for example when a password reset is sent from the system or an approval from a manager. To amend the email text first navigate to Administration in the side bar. Click

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