Vehicle Category

Vehicle categories denote the fuel type and engine size of the vehicle and are used to find the correct mileage rate to re-imburse the claimant. There are already categories set up on the system for Petrol, Diesel and LPG cars,

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Using Report Views

From the side menu go to Reporting –> Report Views. Each section contains system reports for key sections of the system. Select the section you need, from Claim Analysis to MyTime and click of on one of the views within

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Files & Receipts

Files & Receipts provides a convenient way of keeping your receipts and other attachments safe until you are ready to create your claims. Files & Receipts is the complete solution to creating your expenses tying together our mobile app with

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Standard Reports

To display the list of the reports click on the Reports button located on the side menu. All reports can be exported to a number of external apps including Excel, Word, PDF as well as viewing it within the browser. Clicking

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Updating home/work address

In order to update your work address on your user profile, you must request this change from your expenses / payroll department. The home address can be changed from your user profile screen. In order for the home address to

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Undeleting Expense Claims

In order to undelete claims that have been accidentally deleted navigate to the View my expense claims page. This is accessible from the side menu going to Expenses, MyClaims. Once in the View my expense claims page, click the filter button. Click

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System Notifications

It is possible to add login messages to the system in order to notify claimants about certain policies or notices that employees will need to know. This message can be shown on the login screen and / or dashboard of

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Split category (Admin)

To create a split category click Administration in the sidebar, then click Expenses and Categories in the Expenses menu. Click the blue Add new button to add a new category. As the category type select Standard purchase (split category) Once selected, the Split category options will appear which includes the two

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Requesting an Advance

Clicking on the Request an Advance link within the Accounts section. Use the first section below to select the account for which the advance is to be requested. You can either use the search function to look for an existing account, by clicking on

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