Invoice Flow is a module available from the Side Menu of your site. It allows Supplier invoices to be attached and entered onto the system for approval with full workflow, then batched and imported into your finance system. Invoice Entry

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Invoice Entry

From the Side menu select the InvoiceFlow option, followed by Invoices The screen below shows all of the invoices that you have entered onto the system and their position within the system. Use the Add a new invoice button to start a new

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Invoice Authorisation

Select Authorisation from the side menu, this will show a list of all invoices ready for authorisation. Use the Approve and Deny buttons to update the authorisation status on the invoice. The Deny button will also give the option to enter a reason for the

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Invoice Administration

From the Administration menu go to the InvoiceFlow section. To enter a new invoice category select the Add a new supplier. Enter a description for the category, the user will see this. Select where in the list of categories this

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Finance Interface

Select Export to Finance from the side menu within InvoiceFlow. Enter the batch name, select the Claim type, if you have more than 1, otherwise it will default. Select the transactions you would like to include in this batch. Transactions for buttons highlighted in

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