Users and Groups

From this screen you can add, edit and delete new users and assign user groups or departments. Click on the pencil next to a user group description. Click on the Edit users button to view the users on the system.

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Create and view all tickets open and available to you. Tickets are active items that require actions from you or others, such as personal information requests, or policy reviews. Use the filters to customise the view to suit you current

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Ticket events

Create a new event So that any data requirements are all handled in the same way we recommend setting up events with tasks to be followed by your team. From the cog icon on the Dashboard select the Ticket events

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Policy template sections Add new policy blocks so they are available to publish in the policy editor. Policy template groups Create new policy groups into which policy blocks can be assigned. Policy tag values Create new tags which can be

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Required documents

This section allows you to view all the documents required from users and for vehicles, as well as showing whether documents have already been submitted and are awaiting approval. Clicking on the view all button under either the personal or

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Keep track of your upcoming actions, such as data reviews, policy updates, etc. Reminders help ensure that nothing gets forgotten, and will automatically generate Tickets for Action at the right time. The filter on the left hand side of the

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Published policies

Once a policy has been completed, use the Publish button to send out to the relevant people or departments. This screen shows the status of published documents. On the left of the document name. Use the eye icon to view

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Policy tag values

Policy tags can be found in the Policy Template blocks, they allow you to update company information in 1 place and for it to then flow through new policies as they are published. Within the template blocks the tags are

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