Required documents

This section allows you to view all the documents required from users and for vehicles, as well as showing whether documents have already been submitted and are awaiting approval. Clicking on the view all button under either the personal or

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DVLA credits

These are required if you want to use the DVLA service in either vehicle creation or to check whether a vehicle has update tax and MOT. From the main administration screen you can see your outstanding balance and request additional credits if

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Main administration area

The main administration screen for DriverCare is shown below. To access this screen you can either click on the DriverCare link on the top menu bar or scroll down to the duty of care section on your dashboard and click

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Document checks

This area allows you to manage the checks carried out by the system. There are three areas. 1. The credit log – this gives details of DVLA checks carried out and the credits used, as well as showing your credit

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Document approval

When you access this area you will be presented with a screen showing a list of documents that require checking. These are documents that the claimant has uploaded themselves and so need to be checked and approved. Under the Documents

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