Vehicle Category

Vehicle categories denote the fuel type and engine size of the vehicle and are used to find the correct mileage rate to re-imburse the claimant. There are already categories set up on the system for Petrol, Diesel and LPG cars,

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Required documents

This section allows you to view all the documents required from users and for vehicles, as well as showing whether documents have already been submitted and are awaiting approval. Clicking on the view all button under either the personal or

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Personal mileage set up

From the mileage rates screen there is an additional field to add in the reclaim rate for personal miles deducted from an odometer claim. Any miles calculated as personal will generate a separate negative claim line based on the rate

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Opening business mileage

Setting up current business mileage Before starting to claim using MyExpenses you need to set your current business mileage as the rate paid for mileage will be calculated from this value going forward within the tax year. To do this

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Mileage Calculations

There are many different mileage calculation methods available on MyExpenses Below is a list of these with explanations on how the mileage is calculated. Standard (No Deduction) – This is standard mileage and means that any mileage is fully reclaimable. All

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Mileage policy

Mileage policies or rates are assigned to claimants so that they are correctly reimbursed. For example private and company vehicle rates may need to be split on the same date range to differentiate between rates. Click on expenses within administration

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Mileage date range

A mileage date range is also required to be added to the system in order for claimants to claim on mileage, without a date range the system will not know to use the specific rates you have set up. To

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Save a journey as a favourite

Adding a favourite to my expense claim A favourite needs to exist before it can be used within an expense claim. A favourite can be added by the company or yourself. Personal favourites are added through the claim mileage entry

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Mileage claim – Adding Passengers

Adding passengers Click on the Add button as highlighted below to add any additional passengers. Any additional miles need to be added before entering a passenger onto the claim. The additional peoples names should be added to the Name field, this is

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Once your details have been entered onto the DriverCare system you will receive an email with a link to connect to the LicenceCheck website to give electronic consent for your company to check your licence details with the DVLA. This

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