Book Time Off

Book Time Off

From the side menu, Navigate to the TimeOff Overview area.

To book leave use the Book time off button at the top of the screen.

This will show an additional screen where you can enter the details of the request.

Type – There are 5 leave types; Holiday, Unpaid leave, Sick leave, Maternity and Compassionate.

Sick leave may require additional supporting documentation. Visit the Sick leave page for more information.

Dates – Enter the dates you want to request. If your request falls over a bank holiday or non-working day, TimeOff will automatically discount these days.

Reason – The reason field is not mandatory, but allows further details to be given if needed.

Use the Save button to send this request to your line manager.

If there are any validation issues with your request you will be notified on screen by messages such as the one below.

You can choose to Save as draft or Submit to manager.

Until the request has been approved, the time will show as diagonal lines on the planner. Once approved it will be marked in colour on the planner.

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Web Application Version 209.3

Expected release 05/03/2021 5:30pm Enhancements Invoices no longer require attachments to be added, reasons can be given instead. Extended manager

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Sage 200

Before you begin installing, Point Progress Connect will need to be installed on the same server as the Sage 200c

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