Authorising a claim

Authorising a claim

If you are managing other claimants, when you login to MyExpenses you will have an additional box on your Dashboard and side bar for claims requiring authorisation by you.

There are other levels or authorisation, this page looks at Manager level. Draft claims from your team will be assigned to you as their manager for authorisation.

To start this process click on the number in the manager box, this will then list all claims awaiting authorisation.

Claims at Manager Level

Use the Find filter to search on the claim ID or claimant and the Refresh button to show the reduced list.

Click on the claim ID to enter a claim.

You can now also filter on the claims that are awaiting your approval only, this is very helpful in situations where there is multiple managers approving claims.

When selecting the Show lines Requiring approval filter the claim will no longer be visible as you have approved and processed your part of the claim and it is now awaiting approval on the 2nd manager.

When Show all claim lines is selected this will show all claims that have been assigned to you for approval, even if you have approved your part of the expense claim.

Claim overview

The first screen shows the header details of the claim and the number of lines in the claim and their status. If a claim requires authorisation by more than 1 person the usernames and number of lines will be listed in the Authorisation section of the screen.

This screen will also show the existing lines of the claim as shown below.

Claim Lines

The screen shot shown here has two lines with a Decision Needed status when going through the approval process each line will update with a approved/denied as per your decision.

The paperclip shows that there is a receipt attached to the line and it can be clicked on to open up the image.

It is also now possible to split claims at manager level. This means that a manager can approve 1 line of the claim and process this.

The line that has been approved will move on to the expense/finance level and the remaining line that has not yet been approved will remain in the manager approval window.

This is especially useful when more than manager is approving the claim, lines can be processed for payment before other managers have approved.

Click on the Add Note to view or add notes.


If there is enough information in the list view you can use the Approve All or Deny All buttons to update all claim lines. If more information is needed use the blue Additional Information drop down button to expand claim screen and display more details for each claim line.

In order to edit any information on the claim line this is also contained in the additional information window.

Additional information

Click the Pencil icon in order to edit any information on the claim line such as VAT, project codes and any other coding.

When all lines have been authorised use the Process link to finalise the claim and move it through the workflow. First you will have to agree to the Managers Terms & Conditions, use the I agree button to move to the Process screen.

The Process screen will tell you where the claim is going next. For example if you approve 1 line this will pass to the Finance or Expense Team (depending on setup) for payment and if you deny the other line this will be returned to the claimant for further information because it has been denied.


Click the Submit button to move the claim onto the next level.

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