Authorise new claimants

Authorise new claimants

Once claimants have created an account using self registration, for security reasons they need to be authorised so that the claimant can process any claims created.

From the Dashboard, in the Profile request approval box, you will see the number of users awaiting approval. Click the User approval link. (This can also be accessed from the Administration area).

Here you will see a list of an users awaiting approval.

Select the Pencil link next to a username. You will see the details of the claimant who has registered.

All fields in yellow are mandatory and need to be completed in order to save the profile. You also need to address any any of the red warning messages at the top of the screen in order to save.


Additional information about the user can be added here:

Personnel or payroll number if required.

Employment start date

Authorising manager who will authorise claims for this user.

Once any amendments have been made, click on the Mark as approved button, then Save to store the details.

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