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Fuel & Mileage (Personal Mileage Setup)

In order to use Fuel & Mileage for personal mileage, this must be enabled on your site. When it is active, the following steps will guide you through the setup. Create a mileage policy in the administration settings. Update the

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Receipt Validation

If your organisation is using the Receipt Validation service, Point Progress will do additional checks on receipts attached to each claim line, after you Manager has approved the claim, but before being sent for payment. Claim line checking To reduce

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Finance/Allowance Review Level

A Finance Review level (or Allowance Review level) is an additional workflow which is setup on MyExpenses sites between the manager approval and expense team (payment level). Please note this is only available if enabled on your site. The finance

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Credit Card Reconciliation Settings

When setting up card accounts on MyExpenses, there are a number of settings to control how users reconcile their card statements. To find these, you need to go to Administration -> Other settings -> Account settings In the list of

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Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have implemented this privacy notice to inform you, as prospective employees of our Company, of the types of data we process about you. We also include within this notice the

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View Requests

View draft, pending and approved requests, by tapping on the Requests box on the Dashboard, or Requests in the side menu. Use the tabs at the top to switch between draft, pending and approved requests. Use the plus icon at

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View Calendar

The calendar can be viewed from the Dashboard, or the side menu. At the top there is a summary of annual leave allowance, and remaining days available to book. Swipe left or right to see upcoming or previous months. The

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Book Time Off

On the Dashboard screen, tap on the Requests box. Booking time off can also be done through the Calendar, or in the Side menu. Tap the blue plus icon at the bottom of the screen. The type of leave selected

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Main Administration Area

The main administration screen for DriverCare is accessed from the side menu, under DriverCare and Management. The DriverCare administration screen provides a summary of all DriverCare activities in 5 areas; Document checks, Manual Documents, Vehicle Tax & MOT, Driving Licences,

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New Claim using the Receipt

To begin creating a claim directly from the receipt screen, first tap on the receipt, and then tap Create a claim. Here you will be able to select category. Enter in the description, reference and any additional people. And modify

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