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Web Application Version 234.4

Expected release 27/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements N/A Bug fixes Fixed bug on Sage Inacct interface where invoice date and due date were taken from the wrong field.

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Web Application Version 234.3

Expected release 26/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements New outbound interface for Sage X3. Updates to Sunsystems and Efax interfaces. Bug fixes Fixed issue with split category coding not updating correctly when changed at manager level or above. Fixed issue causing duplicate line

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Web Application Version 234.2

Expected release 22/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements Log files older than 2 years are now automatically cleared. Bug fixes Fixed issue with multidate calculation on split category types. Fixed issue where a proxy user could not see the receipts uploaded by their

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Web Application Version 233.1

Expected release 12/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements Improved the location detail information shown on claim lines. Enhanced logging now available for postcode mileage calls to Google to improve diagnosis of incorrect distance returned. Bug fixes Fixed issue with proxy users being able

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Mobile Version 44.0

Enhancements New flight category now available. Enter all your flight details including airports for each leg of your journey. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 233.0

Expected release 08/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements Notifications now emailed when a timeoff request is amended or cancelled. Additional information included in timeoff notifications. Workflow rules can now be used with timeoff requests. Bug fixes When an administrator books time on behalf

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Web Application Version 232.1

Expected release 06/07/2021 6:00am Enhancements New workflow conditions to check a users name and for tax reporting status on categories. Bug fixes Fixed issues with duplicate and zero value lines coming through on the SEAS GL interface. Fixed issue when

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Web Application Version 231.0

Expected release 30/06/2021 6:00am Enhancements Postcode journey locations now show with additional location information on the claim journey summary. Foreign currency claims now show the exchange rate used. Can now make Purchase order and invoice number mandatory for selected suppliers.

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Web Application Version 230.0

Expected release 25/06/2021 6:00am Enhancements Improved wording when deleting user profiles to explain they can always be recovered if required. Improved notifactions when login fails due to locked account. Bug fixes Fixed issue that prevented Fuel & Mileage logs properly

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Web Application Version 229.0

Expected release 23/06/2021 6:00am Enhancements N/A Bug fixes Prevented manager deleting or editing timesheet activities. This can now only be done at draft level. Fixed issue causing the count of weeks to be wrong on timesheet level summary cards. User

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