Android Application

Android Application

Android mobile devices can be used to make claims on our dedicated Android application. This is available through the Google Play Store on the device.

Type in MEO-Business on your Android device and select our application to download this to the device. Once downloaded onto the device tap the MEO-Business app icon to enter the app.

The web address will need to be entered into the app to login to the specific MEO-Business site. Username/email address and password will also need to be entered, then tap Sign in

Android Login Screen

Once signed in on the device, the options panel can be shown or hidden by clicking on the Settings button which is indicated in the screenshot below.

Settings Button

There are 8 different options displayed on the settings window,

  1. New claim
  2. Log My Location
  3. Logged Locations
  4. Draft
  5. Manager
  6. Approved
  7. Paid
  8. Authorise

Log My Location and Logged Locations allows locations to be logged on the move and will allow mileage claims to be created with these locations and a list of all logged locations can be seen on the device by tapping Logged Locations

There is a tab for each level of expense so that the claims can be tracked through each stage of the process and any outstanding claims can easily be located.

Authorisation of claims is also possible from the app by tapping Authorise on the settings tab.

Settings Tab

To get started on creating a claim tap New Claim to be taken into the claim assistant.

Purpose of Claim will need to be populated before proceeding, once this field is populated tap the Plus icon to move onto the category selection screen.

Claim Assistant

Select a category from this screen to move onto the next stage of the process.

Category Selection

In order to progress with the claim a receipt must be attached, this can be attached by taking a photograph of the receipt or by selecting the receipt from the library of the device.

A claim date and amount must also be entered and a description of the claim line.

Claim Assistant

Once the line has been uploaded this is the screen that will be displayed, the lines that have already been entered can be reviewed before submitting the claim. Additional lines can be entered by tapping the Plus icon, the claim can be submitted by tapping the Submit button.

Claim Summary

Download the Android ApplicationĀ Here

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