Add / Update Leave Types

Add / Update Leave Types

There is a basic setup of leave types on the system, which can be edited, or new types added.

This is done in the Administration area from the menu.

Select Leave Types in the TimeOff settings area.

The leave types setup in the system will be displayed. Use the pencil icon to edit any of these.

Add a Leave Type

Use the Add a new leave type button, and complete the required fields (yellow fields are mandatory).

Description – Name the leave type.

Type – This is to determine if the leave is a form of sick leave.

Colour – This is the colour code used in the calendar across TimeOff.

Allow predated – In some circumstances leave requests may need to be submitted after the fact (eg sick leave). Select yes or no for this leave type.

Notice period – Set the number of days notice a user is required to give when making a request. Note this is a hard limit, preventing the user from submitting requests within the period.

Maximum duration – This is the total number of days which can be booked at a time for this leave type.

Deduct allowance – Set to yes to reduce allowance when this leave type is booked. For leave types not relating to holiday, this can be changed to No.

Attachments – To allow attachments to be added, set to no. This is useful for fit notes or self certified absence documentation.

Click Save to finish.

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Web Application Version 209.3

Expected release 05/03/2021 5:30pm Enhancements Invoices no longer require attachments to be added, reasons can be given instead. Extended manager

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