Add a New User

Add a New User

Go to Administration in the side menu, then User Settings, User Profiles to Add or Edit a user profile.

The filter displayed searches by the full name for a user profile that already exists within the system. By selecting refresh the users profile is listed in the grid below.

To see profiles that are disabled within the system, select the Deleted filter. This will then show all deleted users in the system with a name of Manager.

Add a New User

To edit an existing user profile click on the Pencil next to the user.

To create a new user profile, select the Add a new user button.

A new screen will be displayed to enter the details of the new user. Any fields in yellow are mandatory and must be completed.

Basic details required are:

Username – For the claimant, they may use this to login with or they may login using their email address depending on the system setup.

Email address – Enter the claimants email address, this is the address which will be used to send out notifications from the system and validated against if login requires an email address.

Full name – Enter the users full name as they would expect to see it.

Organisation – This determines various VAT and currency details for the user, this will be UK, unless they are based elsewhere. If there is only one organisation setup, this option will not be displayed.

User type – This is for sorting the profiles, they will either be a standard user or an Administrator.

Template user – This is a system specific setting and allows certain data to be assigned to the user profile automatically without the administrator having to add the details. There can be groups of templates for different parts of the company if these groups have access to differing cost centres or claim categories.

Save – This will create the new user and store the details entered for the user plus the template setup and will open the Add new user screen.

Save and Edit – This will create the new user and store the details entered for the user plus the template setup and will open the user profile to edit details.

Cancel – This option will exit the screen without storing the user details.

After you have created the user profile, there are several other options you can edit against each profile. Use the Pencil icon to edit a profile.

The menu on the right hand side allows you to view different options for each profile. (The available menu items will vary depending on your site).

After you have made any changes, remember to Save at the top of each screen. Validation messages will be displayed if data has been entered incorrectly.


Password expiry – This shows the expiry date of the users password. Select Reset Password to send out a new password to a claimant via email.

Daily Email Digest – Option to turn on/off the daily email digest.

Optional Settings

These settings will only be available if enabled on your site

Reset 2-step verification – Two-step verification helps protect your account, by using two different forms of identity: your password, and a contact method.

Single sign-on details – This is for sites which have single sign-on enabled. This means you are able to log into MyExpenses with your computers password/username.


Pay schedule – This is a non mandatory drop down field which allows claimants to be separated into different groups during the payment batch process.

Personnel number – Enter the users personnel number or a unique company reference, this is a free text field.

Employment start date – Select the user’s employment date from the calendar or enter this manually.

Termination date – Select the user’s last date of employment. Doing this restricts their access to the site.

Authorising manager – This can be selected from the drop down list, or using the search function if the list is very long. This is the person to whom draft claims will be sent providing the claims do not meet the criteria of any advanced workflow rules.

Access levels

This is the way the system determines which options users can see on screen and how far their authorisation goes.

The Selected box shows all of the access levels currently assigned to that user profile. Use the Bin icon to take access away. You will see the level disappear from Selected and display in the Available section.

Additional access levels can be added to the user profile by clicking on the Arrow icon next to any of the listed levels in the Available section. Any changes made are effective immediately.

Other Settings

Further user profile settings are available depending on the modules on your site. Please see the relevant help pages below.

MyExpenses User Settings

MyTime User Settings


This allows an administrator to assign a delegate to the user profile.

Adding a delegate

Proxy users

This allows users to be assigned to create claims on someone else’s behalf.

Adding a Proxy User

Save/Cancel Changes

Select Save at the top of the screen to commit the changes.

Select Back icon to return to the select a user screen.

Select the Bin icon to disable a user’s profile account.

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