Add a New Supplier

Add a New Supplier

Navigate to the Administration area from the side menu, and under the InvoiceFlow section, select Suppliers.

Use the filters to find an existing supplier, or show Deleted suppliers.

To Add a new supplier, click the Add a new supplier button or, use the pencil to edit an existing supplier.

Description – Enter the name of the supplier

Short code – Choose a code for searching

Select the payment method from the drop down list and enter the payment terms and main phone number.

Email short code – This is used for suppliers to send invoices directly to InvoiceFlow

Account user – When this supplier emails an invoice, InvoiceFlow will create an invoice under this users profile

When you have added contact information, you can select the default name and address from the list of contacts and addresses already setup for that supplier.


Use the Add a new address to ender address details.


Use the Add a new contact to enter contact information for your supplier.

Bank Details

Adding bank details to the system must be done if you pay suppliers through BACS and have a file produced by InvoiceFlow. They can also be displayed in a payment list report.

Use the Add a new bank account button to enter the details.

When you have entered all of the information for the supplier, click Save.

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