October 2020

Point Progress Connect Quick Guide

To begin installing and using Point Progress Connect, you will need to run the PPConnect.exe installer, found in the download zip file. You will be presented with a welcome screen, and a link to read the licence terms. Clicking on

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MyExpenses Version 185.0

Enhancements Introducing Point Progress Connect.A new connector provides a direct import of your MyExpenses payments into your Sage financial system. Bug fixes N/A

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Mobile Version 35.0

Enhancements Improved way that claim header descriptions can be edited. Bug fixes Fixed bug causing multiple copies of vehicles to be loaded where user only has a single vehicle.

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MyExpenses Version 184.0

Enhancements Introducing Split Coding – it is now possible to split a single claim line across two or more code / code combiinations (cost centres, projects etc.) This is acitvated per category. The split coding update includes an additional workflow

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Mobile Version 34.0

Enhancements Now able to change standard expense categories when editing a saved line. Text colour for all fields that need filling in or ‘tap to complete’ is now blue. Improved download performance for Time & Attendance coding. Bug fixes Additional

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