September 2020

Mobile Version 33.0

Enhancements Improved functionality – Expense claim approvers are now prompted to submit the claim once all lines have been reviewed. Added back button to enable iOS users to leave receipt stash and return to a claim line without needing to

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Mobile Version 32.0

Enhancements Return journey button now available when entering postcode mileage. Addition of ‘Forgotten your password’ link to the login screen. Bug fixes Fixed issue which caused the app to crash after browsing the gallery but not selecting a receipt. Fixed

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Mobile Version 31.0

Enhancements New functionality – password reset and expiry support. Changed colours of location markers used to indicate intermediate and end points on a GPS journey. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 183.0

Enhancements New access level to control who can view and amend users bank details. Can now change the default manual vehicle entry style to free type rather than selection from drop down lists. Bug fixes N/A

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Web Application Version 182.0

Enhancements N/A Bug fixes Fixed ‘Currently assigned to’ filter on search screen. Fixed issue with date validation on multi-date split category claim lines. Fixed issue with VAT editing on split category claim lines.

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Web Application Version 181.0

Enhancements Password exclusion list now looks for exact match to exclusion phrase rather than containing the phrase. jQuery version updated to resolve vulnerability. Bug fixes Fixed wording for Export to Finance side menu option. Fixed issue preventing accounts from showing

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