July 15, 2020

Save a journey as a favourite a favourite to my expense claim A favourite needs to exist before it can be used within an expense claim. A favourite can be added by the company or yourself. Personal favourites are added through the claim mileage entry

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Mileage claim – Adding Passengers

Adding Passengers Create and expense claim within the Mileage category. Any additional miles need to be added before entering a passenger onto the claim. Click on the Add button as below to add any additional passengers. The names of the additional people

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Receipt Validation Service

If your organisation is using the Receipt Validation service, there will be another level of workflow, where Point Progress will do additional checks on receipts attached to each claim line. Workflow process Once a claim has been approved by the

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Files & Receipts

When you first log into the MEO-Business app you will be greeted with a screen similar to the below screenshot. To begin adding receipts click on the camera button on the bottom left to take a snapshot of your receipt

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Files & Receipts OCR

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. Typically from scanned documents, photo of a document or a photo of a receipt. To begin

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Please note that currently the MEO-Business app does not support SAML and LDAP Single Sign On login. To log into the MEO-Business app, you will first need an existing Point Progress account. If you do not have an account setup,

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Legitimate Interest Assessment

For some of the personal data you hold and process the lawful reason for processing set against the Data Asset may be Legitimate Interest. If this is the case we have provided a Data event with tasks to help you

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Invoice Entry

From the Side menu select the InvoiceFlow option, followed by Invoices You will see an overview of the invoices that you have entered onto the system and at what stage they are at. Add a new invoice Use the Add a new invoice

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Invoice Authorisation

Select Authorisation from the side menu. This will show a list of all invoices ready for authorisation. Use the pencil icon to review an invoice. Fields with a pencil icon next to them can be edited if necessary. Use the Approve and Deny buttons

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Information Governance

Introduction This policy applies to the governance of information stored within the hosted environments and with our company network. This includes information relating to: Staff and human resources Finance, contracts and administration Customer data Principles We recognise and understand the

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